We are accelerating AI innovation with the first decentralized network for AI and machine learning. Built on the blockchain. Powered by the TPAI token


We are building the first decentralized network for AI training on the blockchain.

The Transaction Protocol for Artificial Intelligence (TPAI) is an open source protocol that improves the efficiency of AI training. TPAI allows for an ecosystem of people who tag, store and model data to exchange the token as they collaborate together to innovate with AI. The utility of the token is based on a market for data services, and it all happens on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Trane AI?

TraneAi is a platform that accelerates the AI training process through decentralization. By engaging crowds to tag, store and model data, Trane is poised to become the new standard for AI training and replace the costly and time-consuming approach of using experts.

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